MSD: Melbourne School of Design

I consider myself quite fortunate to have been given the honor of shooting this remarkable building. It is the product of a collaboration between Boston based architect Nader Tehrani of NADAAA, and the Melbourne based architect John Wardle of JWA. Often, I find that one of the primary objectives on a shoot is to find the definitive view of a project and create an iconic image thereof. But despite many days on site, walking, studying, and shooting the building from virtually every conceivable angle inside and out, this goal seemed to elude me. At first I found this to be a little frustrating and discouraging. But I slowly came to realize that this masterpiece of innovation and design was so nuanced and varied, that it simply would not yield to that sort of simplistic approach. It was complex, and multi-dimensional in a way that could not be reduced to a single story or moment. It had not only a deep personality, but complex moods as well.